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Case Studies

South East - Hendy Hire

To whom it may concern. 

I have been asked by Mr T.Pope of Protrack Solutions Ltd if I would mind putting together a testament to the continued service and support provided by his company.
It was the decision of my director to take out a vehicle tracking solution with Protrack despite concerns that a national company may be more fitting for our business, however it was quickly pointed out that we previously had a contract with a national organisation but there was no support, the service was terrible, the system hardly ever worked and when it did it performed poorly.
Many telephone conversations were had but despite many promises no return calls were made and no promises ever kept.
Kevin Pope insisted that Protrack was not to be compared with other organisations and should be judged on their own merit. A free trail of the system was offered and seems to run very smoothly with engineers that turn up on time, professional installations being carried out and software that worked well. During the trial period Kevin was welcomed around the various offices at Hendy demonstrating to our staff the full features and benefits of the system and once the trial had ended we placed an initial order for 25 vehicles to be tracked on behalf of one of or valued customers.
The customer was treated no different to the staff at Hendy and we soon realized that Protrack was a professional organisation that wanted to build strong business relationships based on exceptional work ethics.
We now have approx 200 vehicles tracked with Protrack as of May 2013 and this figure is set to continue to grow over the next 12-24 months. The superb service from this company has never once slipped, my calls are always returned, someone is always prepared to come out to us or our customers at short notice for training or engineering tasks such as installations or de-fitting of devices for swapping vehicles.
Protrack in a nutshell are a company that will always go the extra mile to keep their customers more than satisfied. We mentioned in passing once that it would be helpful if the system could generate a report based on servicing and mileage. Three months later this was added to the system which has proven to be invaluable to us as an organisation.
An old school approach with excellent morals and principles, but with new innovative ideas is how I would sum up Protrack Solutions.
Operations Manager
Hendy Hire

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