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Back Badge Cars

Dear Sir.

I have been asked to write a detailed account on our dealings with Protrack Solutions and how this has helped our business since installing the vehicle tracking system in August 2014. My account covers;

  1. Why we require a solution and what we required?
  2. What Protrack Have provided?
  3. How this has had an impact on our business?
  4. How we would mark Protrack Solutions for A. Service, B. Features, C. Benefits and D. Cost?
  5. Would we recommend Protrack Solutions?
  6. Any changes that we would make?


  1. Why Back Badge Cars require a solution.

Back Badge Cars operate a fleet of 15 vehicles and specialise in chauffeur driven taxi service to and from airports predominantly in the South. It is imperative that we know the location and estimated time of arrival for each pick up so that we are able to pass this information onto our clients, a number of which are corporate business customers.

We need to know how much fuel is being used and how much is being wasted by detours, idling, private mileage and excessive driver behavior (EDB). This is particularly important as our clients demand top quality service from a professional company with a proven track record.

Back Badge Cars also offer a local taxi service and a system was required to determine which taxi would be local to the customer and give an accurate time for pick up as through our own investigations the most common complaint is a driver being late for a pick up or the client being given an inaccurate time of arrival.

We can determine an accurate estimate for the job also based on the route planner software built into the system as well as the up to date traffic incident reporting that is incorporated.

  1. What Protrack Have provided & 3. How this has had an impact on our business?
Protrack Solutions limited have provided us with a state of the art means of being able to locate our fleet vehicles in “real time”. We are able to monitor how the vehicles are being driven with the latest software release showing us harsh acceleration, braking and cornering. We are able to monitor the speeds that the drivers are travelling at and at the press of a button are able to determine who the most competent drivers are. We can then educate the remainder on safe and professional practices.

The system gives us up to date traffic news so we can divert drivers to alternative routes, this enables us to ensure that we arrive at our locations on time and gives our customers satisfaction and confidence in our services.

As the system has two way SMS messaging we can send the drivers the jobs direct to their own mobile phones and confirm that the jobs and messages have been delivered. We can view these messages both to and from the staff at any time as no data is deleted from the system.

A number of our jobs are on account with schools and public sector and sometimes we need to provide proof of arrival times and departures and event that we were where we say we were. The reporting suite enables us to do this and as a result of the new web based system on the website we are able to grant access to the clients by creating a simple log in for them but only for the specific vehicle(s) in question. (The new admin panel allows us to have total control over who sees what and when.)

In the event of any complaints we are able to view the exact route taken and even replay the route, this will show us how the vehicle was driven along the said route and vehicle speeds. Every step is date and time stamped so there can be no doubt.

The impact that this has had on our business has been unbelievable. We have re-tendered and  accounts with Schlumberger  a key factor in winning a new three year contract was due to being able to demonstrate the lengths that we have gone to that ensures our customers have a smooth relaxing journey after a long flight.

Arriva ambulance services have recently informed us that they too will soon start to use our services for patient collection and drop off as they are able to monitor our response times and driver behavior via the web portal.

We have reduced our fuel bills by approx. 15% since installing the system, our service costs are down and the vehicles are being driven safer. We now notify all new tender contracts of the new system and the feedback has been exceptional.

  1. How would be rate Protrack Solutions.

Service. 10/10

The service from Protrack has been superb. They are a family run business and as we are also we are convinced that this has an impact on how the business is run. Someone is always ready to help us with training, technical assistance and guidance.

Features. 9./10

The system is feature packed and easy to use. We are currently in talks with Protrack about adding some additional features that will enable us to set up new client bookings, these customers will then be able to track the vehicle booked so that they can see where their vehicle is at any time up until pick up. This will also give them the driver name, registration number of the vehicle and record feedback to enable us to offer better service. Once this is built (due August 2014) we would have no hesitation to give 10/10 for features.

Benefits. 10/10

We save money on fuel costs, service costs, mot costs as well as improve our customer service and client satisfaction. We have become more efficient in our day to day duties and we are winning more business partially due to the system.

Cost. 10/10

We had a tracking system prior to Protrack with a national company for which we paid approx.  40% more.  The system was as comprehensive but the service levels were nowhere near those we enjoy from Protrack.

Back Badge Cars would be proud to recommend Protrack Solutions to anyone that requires basic to bespoke tracking services.


Would we make any changes?

Any changes that we would make to the system have already been made or are in the process of being made.

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